Mesh UV – Automatic UV-C and LED


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This LED luminaire has two 24″ linear lights @ 5000K , and a 24″ Linear light of UVC / UVA LED lights all part of a formable high quality luminaire. The luminaire can be installed with the included suspension kit, magnetic clips for quick install on steel beams and clips that can be screwed into wood , sheetrock etc. For power there is a standard grounded plug wire or a 3-wire whip for wiring to a junction box.

Using a Casambi BLE mesh enabled control module, the UVC component is triggered by using the intuitive controls in the Casambi app.    Great technology here!  Schedules can be easily created for repeated cleaning cycles or the users and can engage and disengage the deactivation of pathogens as needed. Generally lighting of 5000K color temperature is the standard mode and will provide great solid state lighting in any space.  Another outstanding feature.

And speaking of safety there is no need to be overly concerned about the harmful effects of UV light should someone be inadvertently exposed.   While UV wavelength will create a “sunburn effect” on skin and can be harmful to your eyes after continued exposure, the effect is not long lasting.   An acceptable daily dosage of 60j/m2 is well above the necessary dosage to deactivate pathogens.

The UV light contains both UV-A light, which is in the visible spectrum, to let you know that the UV strip is on and it has UV-C light which is not visible and provides the effective germicidal capabilities.



MeshUV Spec Sheet


UVC_Study_LpR – Here is a recent article on the impact that UVC light has on different forms of bacteria and pathogens.

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