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BLE Mesh

BLE Mesh is what it is all about.  So many things in our life are influenced by this amazing technology.  And now your lighting can be a part of this seamless and dynamic environment. When you are connected to the mesh world you can see, track, inspect and program virtually anything.

Mesh control in lighting means that all your fixtures are constantly speaking to each other, fixing any problems automatically and delivering you information that you think is critical. Like how much energy are you using. Like how many times somebody passed by the light. Like the location of assets that you need to know the whereabouts. And more.

Controls thousands of luminaires with just your phone or control just a couple in your house or shop.  No gateway, no complicated commissioning process and no limitations like WIFI users deal with! Nothing is more secure than BLE Mesh and nothing makes you feel as good about controlling energy and light than this amazing technology.


The challenge

Lighting Must Be Tunable

As we increase our knowledge of the receptors in our eyes and the impact they have on our bodies, we further understand the impact lighting can have.     For indivduals who spend the majority of their day indoors, they need different spectrums of light at different times during the day.    480nm wavelength during the day will suppress melatonin production, increasing alertness.     600nm peak wavelengths int he evening will help increase melatonin production, the hormone that gets our bodies ready for bed.     The correct mix of lighting throughout the day will create happier and healthier individuals.