Modern Light is Tunable and Wireless

If yours is not it could be time for a simple plug and play upgrade

Circadian Rhythms---Life in Balance

To be refreshed and alert people should be exposed to a certain amount of light from the 480nm spectrum, sometimes referred to as blue light, every day.   It is critical to avoid light from the 480nm spectrum in the evening to allow our bodies to relax and release melatonin into our bloodstream.  The "light manipulation" happens through the rods and cones in our eyes.

At LumenMesh we are focused on providing the light fixtures that not only support this critical physiological need but are also designed to be simple to install and program .

Wireless Lighting and Your Future

The LumenMesh system uses BLE Mesh technology to communicate wirelessly to all fixtures in your lighting system.  Whether it is a few lights distributed throughout your home or office or hundreds of light in your commercial facility, BLE mesh is a dependable leading technology that is the choice of professionals worldwide.

When we think of wireless we want a simple no fuss system that requires no training, is intuitive and dependable.

LumenMesh is proud to be a certified distributor of Casambi's "Most robust cost effective and future proof wireless control solution in the world". Foolproof, very customizable and fun to use making your lighting system the newest generation available.

Simple to buy, Simple to install and Simple to use

When we think of a simple product we think of something that is intuitive to use, readily available for any format or platform, secure and for a reasonable and fair price.  Simple does not fit if learning a product requires you to contact an "expert" in order to understand. The LumenMesh system offers a line of solid state lighting fixtures that are plug and play, no need to install external drivers, complicated wiring layouts or gateways or special commissioning  done by a trained professional.

In short you purchase the fixture, plug it in, download the great Casambi App and immediately your fixture is recognized.  Then you can set it to mimic the sun or any special color changing scheme that suits emotions.

The LumenMesh Paradigm

LumenMesh evolved from our commercial LED lighting business in 2019 when the paradigm shift in lighting that we had forecasted years before became a reality in the solid state lighting industry.   The newest generation of lighting is in tunable fixtures that are wirelessly controlled. To capitalize on this shift, and bring circadian tuned lighting and renewed health for people, LumenMesh has designed and implemented a series of solid state lighting fixtures.

LumenMesh now offers easy to install and operate lighting fixtures that will provide the right spectrum of light at the right time of day, all day, every day.   These advantages will create a happier world and healthier individuals.

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The Team Focused on making your life better

Our experience in the solid state lighting business includes years of working with the best of the best in the world of wireless communication, solid state light, high technology manipulation of photons and manufacturing.

Professionals and engineers around the world from companies like Casambi, Lonyung, Jusin technology, Eulum, Ebyte, Rubycon, Philips, Bluetooth SIG, OKT and others are key members in this venture and have contributed research, testing and support to bring these exciting new lights to you.   

We have worked long and hard to develop the simplest, easiest to use system possible to make your health and life better.

Ready for a  
Paradigm Shift?